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The top quality kitchen pull out sliding shelves custom made for your cabinets
You really can have the best for less!

Manufactured right here in the U.S. and sold direct to you, we cut out the middle man. We offer top quality made in the USA pullout shelving for kitchen pantry and bathroom cabinets for less

Our made is the U.S.A. pull-out shelving comes fully assembled and ready to install in your kitchen bath and pantry cabinets. We custom make our kitchen pull out sliding shelves in 1/16" width increments to perfectly fit your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Why settle for a few premade sizes or have to use spacers because the other guy is not willing to make you a shelf that actually fits your cabinet opening? After nearly 30 years of installing and manufacturing pullout sliding shelving we have the experience to do the job right! You mount the slide hardware, insert the pull out shelf and then enjoy them for many years to come. No more bending and reaching to see what is hiding in the back of your cabinets. Best of all our custom made pull out sliding shelves actually fit your cabinets! We build all of our custom pullout shelves in our shop located in Phoenix Arizona

install pullout shelving in as little as 5 minutes per shelf

You really can install our pull-out slide-out shelf in as little as 5 minutes but don't feel bad if it takes you a little longer than that for your first shelf. The Blum slides have a lifetime warranty and come standard with four "L" brackets that allow you to mount our shelving on to an existing shelf or cabinet floor. 

sliding shelves pantry rolling shelf

Premium sliding shelf

newline pullout shelves that slide

NewLine slideout shelf

New economy sliding shelf perfect for home office keyboard tray pullout printer or low cost pull out shelf sliding drawers

Economy pullout shelf

Fore more styles see below or our online store for all of our pull out shelves and kitchen accessories

Premium Shelves
The premium 2 3/8" tall Baltic Birch is our most popular pull out shelf kitchen accessories. The front, back, and sides of these top quality sliding shelves are constructed of 2 3/8" tall, 1/2" thick, 9 ply Baltic Birch. That is 9 layers of wood sandwiched in 1/2" making this some of the strongest wood you can find. This stuff incredibly strong yet at the same time it is very nice to look at. The 2 3/8" height of the sliding shelves is perfect for can foods in your pantry as well as your pots and pans in your lower cabinets. Our sliding shelves are custom made for your kitchen cabinets with openings from 4" to 39" wide.  The premium 2 3/8" sliding shelves are available in depths from 9 3/4" to 31 3/4" in 2" increments. While the 2 3/8" tall is the most popular we also offer 4 7/8", 9 7/8" slanted shelves and our unique sliding bread box. The 1/4" MDF bottom with bright white easy to clean coating is fit into a dado cut into the sides and front / back of our premium sliding shelf line. This provides the strength needed to support your heaviest pots, pans or even Grandma's Dutch oven.

NewLine Shelves
We started selling our NewLine shelves in 2004. We wanted to provide a lower cost alternative for our customers that did not need to 100 pound capacity that our premium shelves provide. These shelves are available for cabinet openings from 4" to 26" wide. We use the same 9 ply 1/2" Baltic Birch for the front, rear and sides just like our Premium shelves but they have a 1/4" Plywood bottom that is nailed to the bottom of the shelf and does not sit in a dado like the premium shelves. We also use a butt joint for the corners of the shelves and there is no lacquer applied to the NewLine shelves. We rate these shelves for 75 pounds capacity and they carry a 2 year warranty. We use the same great Blum hardware as our other shelves and due to the simpler construction we can ship these shelves in about a week. Depths are available from 9 3/4" to 25 3/4" deep.

Economy Shelves
We don't recommend these for normal pot and pan storage as they do not have any sides but they work great for your food processor or mixer. They also make great keyboard trays or as a printer or computer shelf. They also work well in entertainment systems to hold you components such as your DVR, DVD and amplifier. We use 5/8" thick Melamine and trim it out with a hardwood front and we add a 1 1/2" tall piece of 1/4" plywood as a back support and trim. The economy shelves carry the same two year warranty and 75 pound capacity as the NewLine shelves

Pricing subject to change, check our online store for the latest and best pull out shelf pricing


Item #

Price From

Buy Now Economy slide out shelf AS58EWH $59.95
NewLine shelves that slide ASNL624 $69.95
Buy Now Premium  2 3/8" tall pull out shelf AS23SS $79.95
3 1/2" Drawer replacement AKDT632 $99.95
Buy Now 4 7/8" tall sliding shelf AM47TSS $109.95
Buy Now Slanted Side sliding shelf ASL27SS $129.95
Buy Now 9 7/8" tall roll out shelf AT978SS $149.95
Buy Now Bread Box and pastry rolling shelf ABB73SS $149.95

Premium Sliding Shelf Key Benefits

The premium line of shelves includes 2 3/8" tall, 3 1/2", 4 7/8", 9 7/8" tall, Slanted Shelf and Bread Drawer

  • 100 pound capacity top quality pull out shelves
  • Custom made for your cabinet in 1/16" width increments from 4" to 39" for maximum efficiency 
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Stop bending and reaching to get what's in the back of your cabinet, let it all roll out to you!
  • Organize your life with kitchen, pantry and bathroom pullouts  or sliding shelves
  • You will use these shelves that slide nearly every day and you will be thankful that you installed them
  • you will wonder how you lived without them, and why!!!

NewLine Shelf Key Benefits

  • 75 pound capacity economical pullout shelves
  • Custom made for your cabinet in 1/16" width increments from 4" to 26" for maximum efficiency 
  • Same great Blum slides
  • Limited two year warranty
  • Great for keyboard trays (can be larger than 24")
  • Use for computer or printer storage
  • Component storage in entertainment centers, great for DVR's, amps and DVD players
  • you will wonder how you lived without them, and why!!!

Economy Shelf Key Benefits

  • 75 pound capacity

  • Custom made for your cabinet in 1/16" width increments from 6" to 26" for maximum efficiency 

  • Guaranteed for two years against manufacture's defects.

  • Stop bending and reaching to get what's in the back of you cabinet let it roll out to you
  • Organize your life with kitchen and bathroom pullouts  or sliding rolling shelves
  • You will use these shelves that slide nearly every day
  • you will wonder how you lived without rolling shelves and why you waited so long!

Shelves that Slide has been custom making and selling kitchen accessories such as pullout shelves or slide-out shelves for over nineteen years. We only use the top quality materials and hardware such as 9 ply Baltic Birch and drawer slides from Blum to make our  pullout shelving. We have recently introduced our economy sliding shelf. Our economy shelf has the same great Blum drawer slides. We use a 5/8" piece of melamine with a solid oak or maple front trim and a short plywood back. The economy sliding shelf is perfect for home office use, it can be mounted from above to work as a keyboard tray or you can use it for a printer drawer. It is also great for use with stereo components. We also have our New Line shelves which are a good low cost alternative to our regular pull out shelves. The New Line pullout shelves use the same 9 ply Baltic Birch but we do not use the joinery that we use in our higher quality sliding shelving. The bottom is 5 ply 1/4" Birch plywood and is stapled to the bottom of the shelfs sides and then held in place with the drawer slides. Are the new line shelves as high quality and our standard shelves? The answer is no but for a smaller shelf they hold up great and are superior to most other sliding shelves that you may find online. We have been in this business since before most people knew what a pull out shelf was. We are an honest company that takes care of our customers. We do not offer a low cost shelf and then overinflate the shipping charges. When you need a Pull Out Shelf or other kitchen accessories we want you to think of our company, Shelves that Slide, rolling shelves for your kitchen cabinet.

A key thing to look at when buying pull out shelves is the thickness of the shelf bottom. Lower quality shelving like our economy shelf will have a thick base material. Most companies building these types of shelves will use a 1/2" bottom while our economy shelf has a 5/8" and we can even make keyboard trays out of 3/4" hardwood plywood. The reason the bottom thickness is so important is that it is what will tell you where the structure of the shelf is. Our economy shelf is like the shelves offered by some other companies out there in that all of the strength of the shelf lies in the shelf bottom. Of course this obvious in our economy shelf as there are no sides on these shelves. Other shelves on the market hide the thick bottom by using the 1/2" sides, fronts and backs to look like our premium and newline shelving. Now you might think a thicker bottom is a plus but the added weight of that thick drawer bottom takes away from the capacity of the shelves. I was looking at one of those kits that they sell where you have to cut the shelf to fit your cabinet and I was amazed at how heavy the thing was. When the shelf weighs 35 pounds and the slides are rated for 75 you are only left with an actual capacity of 40 pounds. Our shelves are light weight yet due to the design they can handle the weight. Take a look here to see our founder standing in one of the sliding shelves. Our shop foreman recently jumped up and down in one of our shelves to show a customer how well our shelves are built and the load they can handle. An important clue to the quality of the shelf and the shelf company is the hardware.  We recommend Blum 3/4 extension slides for pull out shelves and Blum is the industry leader. We also use ball bearing slides from Knape & Vogt along with Wurth Pro series slides. Most companies do not tell you who manufactures the hardware they use. That probably means they have cut corners and used a cheap Chinese knock off slide. The slides are such an important part of the shelves and if they went cheap with the slide hardware what else do they cut corners on? All of our shelves include all of the hardware necessary for a standard installation including the brackets, drawer slides, door protectors (plastic things) and mounting screws. We even include the spacers that you request. Mounted on 100 lbs capacity 3/4 extension Blum drawer slides that carry a lifetime warranty. You simply specify the clear cabinet opening, the depth, and the mounting style require for your custom shelving and we custom make them to fit. Please see our measuring guide for complete measuring instructions and more information. All of our shelves are custom made so allow 2 to 5 weeks from order to ship date of our premium shelves (economy and newline shelves will usually ship within 1 to 2 weeks). They're not just for kitchen cabinets! Take a look at your pantry cabinets and don't forget about your bathroom shelves and your garage cabinets too! Please take a look at our other kitchen accessories such as pull out trash and recycle systems along with Lazy Susan's and tip outs. Shelves that slide prides itself on both quality products and quality service. Our Testimonial page is chock full of honest customer comments, not some PR letters written by us. See what our fine customers are saying about pull out sliding shelves and kitchen accessories they purchased from Shelves that Slide to see for yourself. We have the original emails from every letter to prove that they are for real


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